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Why PowerShell?

From the time I got my first computer back in `98, when I was 10 years old, I have always been fascinated by computers. After some years in other professionals, I went back to school and earned a degree in Network and System administration back in 2016.

That landed me my first job as a Technical Consultant in a mid-sized company. It was there I encountered that many of the common tasks I helped our clients with, could be done more effectively with the help of PowerShell. I was sold! From the first time «Stop-Computer» turned off my computer at the end of working hours, I have had a huge fascination with PowerShell.

This blog is not intended to be an «I know everything about PowerShell-blog», but more a place where I can share my code and projects, so maybe others will get interested in PowerShell and maybe also learn something new.

Until next time,