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Solving the FizzBuzz challenge using PowerShell

The “FizzBuzz” challenge is a typical interview question designed to help determine job candidates solving skills to filter out job candidates.

The challenge is the following:

Print the numbers from 1 to 100 inclusive, each on their own line.

If, however, the number is a multiple of three then print Fizz instead, and if the number is a multiple of five then print Buzz.

For numbers which are multiples of both three and five then print FizzBuzz.

My approach:

1..100 | foreach {

if($_ % 5 -eq 0 -and $_ % 3 -eq 0) {Write-Output "FizzBuzz"}

elseif($_ % 3 -eq 0) {Write-Output "Fizz"}

elseif($_ % 5 -eq 0) {Write-Output "Buzz"}

else {$_}


Write your own script, visit https://code.golf/fizz-buzz#powershell and give it a shot :blush: